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Define who you are.
Build your success.

You are a business or an organization that intends to grow. You’ve been at it for years or decades and plan to continue. You seek opportunity and will sustain whatever comes your way, despite challenges and uncertainties. What is it that deserves this level of commitment? What is “it?”

Purpose First
Begin with what defines you and put it first. Clarity of purpose helps attract the right mindset to your organization, engages people and fosters commitment, while promoting awareness, relationships and customer loyalty externally. We‘ll help you discover it, describe it, express it and make it work for you inside your organization and out.


  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing & Advertising Strategy
  • Creative Content
  • Message Execution

Now Serving

On the expanding menu of niche communications specialties, our focus for 27 years has been the entrée. What to say. How to say it. Actually saying it.

  • We help businesses, organizations and brands communicate and reinforce what distinguishes them.
  • We help organizations discover, articulate and foster their culture.
  • We create communications that solve the challenges and meet the objectives of your selling process.
  • We produce custom content for earned media (social/PR), owned media (web, internal, event) and paid media exposure based on strategic objectives.

Client Experience



Brand Identity


Creative Development

Digital / Interactive


Print / Digital
  • Culture: Discover, describe and express
  • Internal Communications
  • Logo Design
  • Tagline
  • Marketing Situation Analysis
  • Research Planning, Involvement, Interpretation, Utilization
  • Brand Strategy/Concept
  • Product & Service Positioning, Proposition, Persona, Tone
  • Concept
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design/Art Direction
  • Website Concept, Design & Copy
  • Mobile/Responsive Design
  • Website Coding/Programming
  • Website Management
  • Online Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Plan/Shoot/Edit
  • Multi-Format Delivery
  • Motion Graphics
  • Electronic Advertising
  • Product Demo & Training
  • Live Event
  • Testimonial
  • Print Advertising
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Point-of-Sale, Signage, Exhibits/Displays
  • Marketing & Sales Collateral
  • Packaging Graphics
  • Direct Mail
  • Dimensional Mailers/Presentation Kits

Marketing for sales.

Consider how sales really happen for your organization and why it works the way it does. The more significant the purchase decision, the more “process” – and the communication throughout – will determine success. Map it out: the phases, the steps, the hang-ups and decision points that move you along from Introduction to Close. Then build what's needed to get there faster and more often.


Pronouncing Kucia is the hardest part of working with us.

In business since 1994, Kucia And Associates is a marketing strategy and creative services firm focused on brand- and business-building advertising and supporting content, sales tools and internal communication.

We begin with a company’s defining character and purpose as key bases for creating communications that help our clients benefit from being distinctly “who they are.” The resulting clarity of identity helps drive and link benefits in human resources retention and organizational development, as well as marketing communications.

We assist company leaders, strategists, marketing managers and in-house creative teams in the areas of planning, brand identity, concept exploration and content creation, including the final execution and distribution of communications.

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